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how soft can a soft landing be?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Lakesideboss, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. After 18 months I finally got approved for pr but I have to land before september,I'm thinking about doing a soft landing and then coming back to ireland to sort out house,car and other business before I fully move over in spring 2020,The question is with the soft landing part could i land on a friday,do the paper work with immigration and then fly home home to ireland that sunday?
  2. Sure people do short landings all the time without issue, some people are even crazy enough to fly in and out same day or within 24 hours. Unless you have a Canadian address the only part you will not be able to do is apply for a PR card which will mean you would need to apply for a PRTD when you are ready to move for Ireland.

    If landing on a Friday in business hours depending which airport you may even be able to get your SIN at a Service Canada at the airport if you do not already have.
  3. I have a friend in edmonton alberta that is willing to provide a canadian address so i can send my pr card there,what is a PRTD,thank you very much for the quick reply by the way
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    See here for some info


    Since Canada brought in the ETA for visa exempts to be able to board a plane , not available to PRs, then a PR needs either a card or a PRTD to board a plane. As you are making arrangements for a friend to courier it to you then hopefully should not be an issue although not advisable to be upfront with CBSA that someone is going to courier it to you out of the country


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