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How much can a student earn in Toronto?

Discussion in 'Education' started by shanu777, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Hey guys this is my first ever post and I was just wondering how much an undergraduate student can earn?
    I did some calculations and if we consider 11 as minimum wage per hr and I work for 20hr a week for 8 months then that is about 7000cad and if I do full time during breaks and earn 14-15 and work 50 hr a week then that makes it about 12000 so in total I am making 19000 cad(in theory) but I wanna know how your experience has been and how much you guys made? and cost of living and what should I consider when it comes to spending on cost of living.
    Do I have to worry about electricity bills? If I am living in campus, sharing house(single room), etc. and other stuff like phone, internet and what not.

    Will 10000 be enough for 1 year, for living?
  2. You need to factor in taxes as well. So you won't be taking home a full 11 dollars per hour.

    When you are working full time during breaks - I would assume you are still making 11 an hour (not 14-15). I would also assume you are working 40 hours a week during breaks (not 50). It's often more difficult to find a job as an international student than people think it's going to be.
  3. Ok, first off thanks for your time and answer and could you tell me how much one can make and take home? could you give me a min med and max range for the earnings? and what about living cost could you provide some info about that? BTW I speak 3 langs(English, Portuguese and hindi) and I can fluently speak english and have good technical skills, will any of this give me an advantage when looking for job?
  4. students get part time mainly at odd jobs so high technical expertise and excellent communication will put you in the employers good books.

    that will entitle you to have all the work being assigned :D

    youl not be bored.

    and if you planning to work for cash pay is even lesser. around 6 to 7 dollars in toronto and this is totally not recommended.

  5. Hey, thanks for replying mate, But isn't the minimum wage 10-11 per hr?
  6. thats the legal wage rate.

    if you work for cash then noone needs to know anything.

    so employers also pay you less.
  7. if i work 20 hrs officialy and then if i work like hand cash then is there any chances of facing problems to canadian government. Plz let me know
  8. Yes - of course there's a chance you'll face problems. As has already been explained, if you're caught, your study permit will be canceled and you'll have to leave Canada.
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  9. Not sure how you will also have all this time to wotk if studying full-time. 20 hours of work on top of full-time school and studying will keep you very busy.
  10. If i work 20 hrs in my academic session nd full time work on my break time then can i take my expenses and my tuition fees?
  11. No - you won't make enough money.
  12. how much money i need to add more? between my tuition fees is 14000!! plz let me know . thnks in advance
  13. I would imagine you can work to cover your living costs but not the majority of your tuition.
  14. It's the same answer that was given to you above. You should assume you might be able to cover all of your living expenses. However you won't be able to cover your tuition.
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  15. thnk you

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