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How long does it take to get a study visa under SDS

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Prikshitluthra, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. I applied on 18th June
    Biometric request received 19th June
    Biometric submission 22nd June
    Passport request 12th july
  2. Wow Congratulations...
    By which time it came??
  3. Did u apply under sds?
  4. after they receive everything and your application is complete.
  5. You applied SDS offline? How is that possible ? SDS can only be applied online
  6. I am a student from Vietnam, applying through Student Direct Stream online. I have just completed high school and I am pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in CS at a Canadian university. I have submitted all the required documents, including Letter of Acceptance, Medical certificate, etc. For proof of finance, because it is SDS, I have submitted GIC 10,000 from Scotiabank and receipt for first year tuition fees paid in full. IELTS 7.5, lowest is Writing with 6.0.

    There are a few small problems though. First, is that I didn't submit a SOP, because it is not listed in required documents and I didn't find any major complications in my application.
    Secondly, I have one sister with PR and lives in Canada. But both my parents and other sister lives in Vietnam, my home country. So will family ties be a problem?
    Lastly, I am only 17 and only completed high school so I haven't worked yet. Will employment prospects need to be explained in my case?

    Do you guys think I have a chance?
    My application has also recently been updated with: You passed the medical exam.
  7. hey guys i applied under SDS Online on 5tg July Biometrics Done on 8th July after that no update i am worried pls suggest me how much time will it take to check everything and get a passport request
  8. In which day u submit your application nd gave the biometric
  9. Me
    Me too on samw day
  10. No need to be worried, u have to wait atleast 15 or 20 days after biometrics
  11. I submitted my application on 29th June and did biometrics on 3rd of July.
  12. Samw
    here.biometric still not update
  13. Hi brother could u help me plz realted to biometric update in gckey account.

    I have applied for study permit Canada on 25 May 2019.i got biometric instruction letter on 27 May and I gave my biometric on 31 May in New Delhi vfs global.

    Same day I got email from vfs side with tracking id . I checked it on vfs website which shows your biometric has been sent in vac New Delhi for processing on 3 june.

    When even I check my gckey account which show biometric is not update still. I sent email to cic as well as I use webform. I don’t get any response What can I do for this next help plz .nearly 40 days has gone I’m in panic.Apply under SDS
  14. Which section are you checking? Are you checking the "You do not need biometrics.." section? If so, that message never goes away and it is normal.
    What you should check is the top info section. Where it says Biometrics Number, Date applied, Expiry Date. Do you see info under those headers?

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