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How it works?

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by goody, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Truth can never be hidden :)
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    He is. He took millions $$$$ loan from backhome without having anything. By false docs and cheating he got all the loans. Then he played millionere with those loan $. Now when the loan money was about to finish, he ran away. The prob is Cic Singapore even didn’t check his background or financial info ( as per him) before issuing multiple visit visa to his whole family. I informed Cic Singapore in 2014 about his intention that once he gets visit visa with whole family, he will never return. Cic Singapore didn’t care. What else can we do other than paying tax :/ so pissed lol.
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  3. Without proof unfortunately they can't do much. I'm sure his creditors would appreciate knowing where he is. Hopefully all this information will come out during his hearing.
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  4. its sad they do not do credit check back home and hes soundsgross
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  5. Hi, goody.

    Did you provide CBSA and IRCC enough evidence like their passport photocopies, DOB, Visa no. or anything related to them? If yes then very sad and unfortunate for the tax payers here. Please tell in detail how you complained? Like by phone or mail? Did you had to identify yourself? Please do answer. It's important for people to know how to complain.
  6. he is my second cousin. So I don’t have much info about him. I called and told his name and his wife’s name and their residential address in backhome.
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  7. I you know where he took these loans you could always send them an email telling them where he is. If you don't know where they are living even knowing he is in Canada will be helpful to the lending organization.
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  8. So yesterday the eligibility interview was done for my relative and guess what. They are now protected person. They said, they wasn’t even asked anything. They are applying for social assistant ASAP. Another fake refugee is abusing the Canadian system. Don’t blame them, the authority doesn’t care! ( I believe I have provided enough evidence which proves that they are fake).

    Anyways, nice to chat with you all. Thanks everyone for your comments and time. Xoxo :)
  9. Your relatives have not done with the refugee process, Eligibility interview is just the beginning of this process. They have to appear at the IRB and judge will decide whether they are refugees or not and I'm sure IRB will catch their fake story.

  10. unbelievable

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