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How Does the SUPER VISA work?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Marianella, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. I would like to invite my mother to come to Canada, I was a Live-in Caregiver so now I got my OWP, and I have 2 jobs, I am no resident yet, but I heard about the Super Visa, please Could you help me with that?, I don't know If I can invite my parents under the Supervisa or not, and What Kind of document Do I need to get?.

    Thank you
  2. No - you cannot invite your parents under the super visa.

    Only Canadian citizens and permanent residents can invite their parents under this visa.
  3. How Could I bring to my parents to Canada for 2 weeks? Please help me...
  4. She can apply for a regular TRV (tourist visa):

  5. hi everyone i need little help.

    i landed in canada a month ago. I applied for PR card which will be issued to me at the end of july.

    I want my parents to live with me in canada. which way i have to adopt for them, visit visa(can be extended with in canada easily) or super visa?

    I have currently no job here in canada. I heard from someone that job is the requirement if i want to apply for their super visa. am i right?

    your answers will be highly appreciated

  6. Yes, you need to show minimum income as specified in the LICO table to apply super visa, otherwise you will not be eligible. Invite you parents after getting a job in canada that will help.
  7. Note that your parents can only visit you in Canada (on either a regular visit visa or a super visa). They cannot come and permanently live with you in Canada.
  8. if my parents give me that much amount to me which is mentioned in the LICO table (to show VO that i have money but no job) then can i apply for their super visa?
  9. thanks for your help. but is it not possible to get immigration for them to live permanently with me? :eek:
  10. Hi

    1. Your previous question. You have to meet the LICO from Canadian employment, not savings or gifts.
    2. No, parents/grandparents sponsorship was suspended for 2 years.
  11. PMM thank you very much for your reply

    can u provide me the check list for visit visa from Pakistan?
  12. Hi

  13. !!! URGENT!!! Help me PPM, Open work permit for my wife..

    Dear PPM,

    I am an Indian national currently working in Saudi Arabia. My work permit in currently under process in Canadian Embassy Riyadh. The agents over here didn't allow me to submit open work permit for my Wife with my application saying that after your work permit gets approved then only you can apply for your wife. I have submitted all my documents and LMO etc. My NOC(2282) comes under Skill Category B.
    My ques is , after getting my work permit, can I apply for open work permit in Canadian Embassy in Delhi India, as I would like to leave Saudi Arabia as soon as possible. I will have at least 1 month with me in India before I travel to Canada. So in this duration, I can apply for an open work permit in Delhi and how much Time they take for processing. I really wish to travel with my wife to Canada.. and also I heard that visa processing is faster in India rather than Saudi Arabia.

    Please please please do reply.. I will be eagerly waiting for it..

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