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how do i get a job offer in canada?

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by canadiara, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. hello everyone,

    my husband and i want to immigrate to canada. he has a relative (his mother's brother) in canada and we asked him to find us an immigration office to handle our case, since without AEO we wouldn't qualify. the immigration consultant supposedly started the procedure (advertisement of the job) in december 2011. i thought the job was real, but when we traveled to canada (no pr yet) after being told that we had to be there to get the pr, i realized things couldn't have been further from the truth. long story short, we were scammed and returned to our country. i am an honest person, and i don't like cheating, even though in this case i have been cheated: the guy got 8000 cad.
    since may 2012 i have been sending resumes and applying for so many jobs in canada (anywhere not just where our uncle is), but i've had no response. in fact, i'm not even getting the standard automated "no thank you" emails.
    i've read in the forums that so many people get REAL job offers. so this is what i'm asking: how can i get a real job offer? is there a site/forum/list/anything where the companies willing to hire people from outside canada?
  2. There is no website. You may find a placement agency that has a home office in your country, but you have to be extremely careful because for every legal agency, there are five scammers.

    The truth is, Canada is cutting back on the number of foreign workers they're hiring. Unless you fit a specific shortage or job class (welders, pipefitters, nanny) there aren't many LMO jobs. A lot of places that normally hire with LMOs don't even need to do that anymore. They can find enough Canadians or PRs to fill the jobs. And I'm talking like McDonalds here.

    Depending on your skills set (which you didn't mention) there may not even be jobs available to a foreigner. Any foreign job with a LMO must be approved by the government and if there are Canadians available to do the job, the LMO will be denied.

    Truthfully, I'm not surprised you aren't getting replies. Many companies don't bother to respond to applicants they aren't interested in anymore. In addition, many companies also will not process a LMO as company policy unless the employee is an existing employee (switching from an open work permit to a closed work permit needing a LMO). Even then, many companies still will not get the LMO. The LMO process is seen as a hassle.
  3. I know your situation very well. I sent more than 40 emails to some employers and i have a skilled job (refrigerant technician NOC 7313)! Just 1(!!!) gave me an answer and he wanted 25`000$! ;D
    The best way is to book a flight to canada and make some cold calls! I had just one cold call to found an employer. He filled out an LMO for me. Now we are waiting 11 weeks since he reiceived a LMO file number.

    Good luck for you!
  4. thank you both for your comments. unfortunately, my occupation is in the banking industry, which is not one of those with shortage. i actually stayed for 5 months in canada and i didn't just call the companies, i went there with my resume and asked for a job, and still nothing.
    the worst thing is that believing what our uncle said i quit my job in my country, traveled to canada, stayed there 5 months doing nothing, and now i'm back home, jobless, impossible to find another job, and of course without any income.
    yeah, i know i did the most stupid thing ever, quitting my job, but i thought that our relative, having talked face to face with the consultant, knew what he was talking about. at least, anyone reading will know not to trust anyone ever, but your own eyes.
  5. Perhaps, one means to achieve what you desire, could be re-skilling? I am certain you have already known/read about the details. How ever, a quick summary of FSW Trade intake in the following link.


    Many a times, we are trapped into thinking in one particular direction and miss out good opportunities(I mean legal and ethical)...With good planning and smart thinking, we could win adverse situations.

    Good luck with your endeavors.

  6. thank you Centaur, unfortunately from the FST jobs I can't find one I can do. I am a woman and some of those jobs, I personally find them difficult to perform. In any case, according to the consulting firm's website, without AEO, I get 82 points (including my husband's english speaking ability and having his uncle there, without those two I get 72 points). Thank you again for the webiste and I will contact them and see if there is something they can do to help.
  7. i don't know what's wrong with my account, but i can't send pms. i guess not even the forums want me to have anything to do with canada ;D just kidding.
    Centaur, could you email me at kkuku_81@yahoo.com? thanks
  8. The ground situation is that Canadian hiring managers look for people who are already in Canada and have PR/ permission to work. I am pretty sure that desipte your best talent you will not receive a response if you are not in Canada. New immigrants have no Canadian work experience and education and that itself creates problem in getting first job in ones own occupation. It can take years to finally get job in one's own field. And each day of these years would be very frustrating.

    With the economic recession alredy a lot of talented jobless people are in Canada and I dont think companies would spend money to get AEO for someone who is outside Canada, unless your talent is not found in Canada.
    Consulting firm's AEO are managed or fake, I will never recommend to pay for AEO. Despite paying for AEO that managed company will not give you job and you will still have to look for work even after spending life time savings to get AEO.
    After paying for AEO >>> landing in Canada>>> then not getting a job in one's own field >>> taking up survival job, can be extremely frustrating experience.
  9. Since you're a newbie and have only posted 6 times in this forum; you are still not entitled to PM. I'm not sure about the requirements though.

    Coming to your original query,
    I second what amikety said before. Canada would most likely value Canadian degree and Canadian experience in hiring on top of everything. And you won't get any response just for applying any job on most occasions. People are only hired from abroad when they have specific job skills in which Canada falls short. Moreover, you're specialized in business and this is considered as one of the most competitive job market. I'm pretty sure that there is no shortage of Canadians/PR to fill out any vacancy.
  10. Remember very few (if any) employers will offer you a job without at least a telephone interview. Most will insist on a face to face interview. So please be very wary of agencies who claim they can get you a job sorted out without any kind of interview.

    If you are able to secure the necessary visitor visa (if not from a visa-exempt country) then a holiday to Canada to try to attend some interviews (try to arrange at least a few before you go) is the best way.

    But even then you have to convince the employer that it's better to hire you, and go through all the red tape of LMO/TWP, rather than hire a Canadian and save themselves all the red tape. Not impossible, but also no easy task.

  11. thank you guys for your comments.
    explorer101, you are right about buying an AEO. as i said in my first post, i had no idea the job was not real. a part of me is very distressed with the negative outcome of this (i stupidly left everything behind, quit my well paying, reputable, full-benefits job), and there is also a part me that is content that i didn't use a shady way to come to canada.
    i understand that my job field is very competitive. the thing is that i haven't even received a phone call/email to arrange a telephone interview. i was in canada during the summer for over 4 months. i visited companies and handed them my resume myself, presenting myself and my qualifications and my experience. i speak fluently english (no one can tell i'm not local from my accent) so by talking to them, i proved my language skills. still, nothing.
    in europe on the other hand, i applied for jobs in the same field (more senior jobs in comparison to those in canada) and i got called back and even had telephone interviews. also, i'm using a canadian address and a canadian telephone number. other than my experience being from another country, nothing else on my resume suggests that i might not have a pr or a work permit.
    unfortunately, i don't have experience in doing anything else, so i can't choose a skilled trade or something else. i always wanted to study in a particular canadian university. but how can i do that without a job? how am i going to afford tuition? furthermore, with the situation as it is in canada, and me having finished university 10 years ago, i'm afraid my student visa wouldn't be approved.
  12. If you're studying full time, you won't be allowed to work full time.

    Studying full time does offer options to work part time. You are allowed to apply for an off campus work permit after six months of study. You can also try to get a job on campus, but these seem to be hard to get.

    On the other hand, if you study part time, you aren't eligible for a study permit. If the course is under 6 months or online only, it's also exempt from a study permit. You could work full time if you have a work permit, but that must be attained independantly.

    Even Canadians with years of relevant Canadian experience have difficulties getting a call back in the business field. It's an over-populated field.
  13. do you mean i won't be able to get a full time job, or that i'm not allowed to? if i find a night job and can cope with the program's demands, what does the government care if i work full or part time?
    you might be laughing and saying, that i can't even get a day job, but it doesn't hurt to know all the options.
  14. If your husband's mother's brother (his uncle) who lives in Canada is a citizen or permanent resident, and has no other relatives in Canada, then it is possible for him to sponsor your husband (and you) under family sponsorship:


    You can sponsor:

    brothers or sisters, nephews or nieces, granddaughters or grandsons who are orphaned, under 18 years of age and not married or in a common-law relationship
    another relative of any age or relationship but only under specific conditions (see Note below)
    accompanying relatives of the above (for example, spouse, partner and dependent children).
    Note: You can sponsor one relative regardless of age or relationship only if you do not have a living spouse or common-law partner, conjugal partner, a son or daughter, parent, grandparent, sibling, uncle, aunt, nephew or niece who could be sponsored as a member of the family class, and you do not have any relative who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident or registered as an Indian under the Indian Act.
  15. Basically, you can't hold a work permit and a study permit. With a study permit, you can only hold an off campus work permit. OCWP are limited to 20 hours per week. If you work over 20 hours (except during school holidays), you can lose your visas.

    This is to help ensure the study permit process is being used for legitimate students and not people trying to get jobs in Canada by pretending to be a student. (People studying, then intending to work in Canada after graduation are not what I am refering to - that is allowed and encouraged. I'm refering to fraud - people that have no interest in studying and are trying to weasel into Canada by lying any way they can.)

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