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How did you actually look for an apartment?

Discussion in 'Housing' started by buliwyf, May 1, 2013.

  1. LMAO, this is better than ANYTHING on TV right now.
  2. Yes - it happens everywhere. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    Happened to friends of mine who relocated to the UK (London). Happened to several friends of mine who relocated to the US. There are greedy and unethical people everywhere. Yes - that's sad. But that's life.
  3. What is so pitiful about this guy is that he has nothing better to do in his life then create profiles, get banned, create profiles, get banned.....
    You have a small and insignificant life.
  4. Ok, now How did you actually look for an apartment?
  5. I booked my suite via the internet (without actual viewing). Arrived and got the keys from the landlord.
  6. POOF!!!! There he goes again. :D
  7. To avoid conflicts hire a Realtor is free and you will know that the contract you are getting into will be fair for both parties.
    I'm a Realtor in Toronto if you have any questions please contact me alrivas. com.
  8. lol^ hey here's some advice, and it just so happens that I am that advice! lolllll
  9. Personally, I would like to look for rent sign and call the given numbers. I tried to search online, but many time I get old information and sometime information about already rented house.
  10. That's too much walking around. You should do google searches for the city your are planning to live in.
  11. Homerent.ca has tons of listings
  12. Although I was already in Canada, here's what I did when looking for a house in Ottawa.

    My girlfriend and I looked on Padmapper, Kijiji and Craigslist well in advance of our intended house hunt to see the prices and what kind of houses to expect. We also looked around on Reddit and other forums to see which neighbourhoods to avoid. Combined with locations of transit lines and our respective jobs, we chose a neighbourhood.

    Then we made appointments to look at 5 houses that we could afford in locations that we desired. We drove to Ottawa (we were living in Montréal) and visited them all in one day, and then applied to the one we loved the most.

    It was a bit time consuming searching online, but we got a good feel for the market and what to look for. We're planning to stay in Ottawa for a few years, so it better be a nice spot!
  13. I took suggestion & help to buy an apartment from one real estate agent.He helps us & gives good services also.
  14. I am currently in the middle of a very last minute apartments search.The real kicker is i am looking form another state.Craigslist has been key through my Minneapolis apartment hunt. Although I've had great luck with Craigslist in the past, it is still filled with false information and a lot of scamming.
  15. Check rentalguru.ca it has all the listings from across Canada and very good filters + big map.

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