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how can i get an invitation to canada

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by olushola113, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. My name is micheal, from lagos nigeria, i will like to meet a lawyer that can send an invitation to me.
  2. Hi Michael.. invitation letters no longer work to come to canada as they used to and especially there are alot of criterias on the part of the invitee to meet which makes the person responsible for you if you should not go back so no one is going to risk their money on someone they don't know and you also must meet criterias.

    I was partner in a law office and invited a friend from Senegal to come to my partners wedding. He was refused because he had no wife with a child, no a house, nor a solid job, nor sufficient money in the bank which would be a guarantee that he would return.
  3. Hi
    Hope all of you will be fine
    sir as i am here in pakistan doing small business of contract services for providing contract services to multinational companies and local country companies since long and regularly and yearly i am paying income tax return and i have all business documents and financial background that is upto my company , i only want to just visit for canada to search technology of civil/mechanical engg and manufacturing organization to import and take dealership from canada to pakistan to introduced their product for pakistan and except of that i have not any purpose to visit canada it is just as business tour and for that i required an invitation for visit canada and that is the whole condition and i want to tell u one thing that i have never applied in my life for any country visa and first time in life i am applying for business visa ifs it is very easy way then that will be best for me and business community.

    Zahid Hassan ( Pakistan)[/i][/i][/i]
  4. Hassan

    It is hard to get invitation from Canada especially if you don't have any family or friend there. There is another way but that needs lot of paperwork and hassle. It is through provincial nominee program. A province can send you invitation but to get that invitation, you need to have between 2-3 million rupees in your account, rest could be arranged.

    If you are interested, email me at dprcp at the rate of hotmail dot com
  5. hi
    thanks to your reply you do not have worried about 2-3 million in my account i can easily arrange the same amount to show as provincial nominee for visit canada as business programme kindly brief me as you have said that a lot of documents is required kindly tell me what will be the next step to apply for the same and what are the documents does required i am ready to submitt the required documents.


    Just what we need here - a Nigerian 419 scam.
  7. thaiguy............watch your mouth before you speak.

    Invitation letter is issued from different provinces for the business class immigrants and one has to contact business immigration centre of that province for that.

    You can try yourself in the province of Manitoba. They sent me invitation last year but I did not go. There was lot of paper work involved including a business plan. Look at their website (search in google, I can't remember link now).
  8. Hassan dear its not easy task to apply as business trip from pakistan 90% case they refuse because people are able make False documents often there so because of this sometime they refuse real people too who really wants to go on a business trip i dont think so it will work, you can find compnies online and can communicate with them
  9. ask a friend toinvite you to his/her marriage!
  10. I need an invitation from a Canadian lowyer or citizens to visit Canada,pls any help my contacts are chewara at yahoo.com

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