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Discussion in 'Housing' started by bea2020, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. looking for affordable long term accommodation for 2020 March, close to Royal Roads University, Victoria.
  2. Consider searching on Kijiji. You could start searching about 3 months before actual date
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  3. Actually the rental market usually operates on a 30-60 notice requirement so 2 months is when you should start. Victoria has a very low vacancy rate so funding something may be tough. Most landlords will want to meet people before they rent an apartment although sometimes you can rent a room from someone while still abroad.

    Not sure what program you are pursuing at RRU but I would consider other universities. This university seems to attract a lot of foreign students and it is not very well known throughout Canada.
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  4. But there are always new units coming into the rental stocks.
  5. Yes but Hamilton’s vacancy rate is very low so people are waiting on the sidelines living with friends, relatives, shelters, etc. trying to find a place to live every month especially at the more entry level price and close to transit.
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  6. We are talking about Victoria in BC. Not your city in Ontario! Seems you are confusing with the other thread!
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  7. Sorry replying to 2 threads at the same time. Victoria has the exact sams issues. Extremely low vacancy rate and not a lot of stock coming on line especially in the affordable bracket. Actually read about a rental scam targetting families with a lower budget. Shows how hard it is to find a rental.

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