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Housing for newcomer - what to do???

Discussion in 'Housing' started by GargiS, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Hi all,

    I landed in Toronto few weeks back. Having a very hard time trying to find an apartment :
    1) First issue is the area : Where to look - First I was confused which city eg Mississauga or Toronto. Once decided on Toronto, I am not sure which areas are good for families - eg good schools, safe etc. I spoke to few locals and have received such a variety of advice that now I am thoroughly confused ! Some suggest North York is not safe, others say it is the best place to stay with family as it has good schools. Downtown has very few options that suit my budget. Can anyone advise how are these areas to stay with family in terms of safety, schools and public transport :
    North York, High Park and surrounding areas, Yonge and eglinton, Davisville, Wellesley, Roehampton avenue, erskine avenue, York mills and leslie.

    2) I dont have a job yet and have no credit history in Canada yet. How do landlords rent out to people like me?

    3) Pls advise if any good website or strategy for house hunting. Thanks.

  2. Hello GargiS

    I'm also having a hard time deciding where to settle in Toronto, although I haven't landed yet.
    For now I'm still researching online and have come across some websites that you might find useful:

    General reviews:

    Good for finding rentals and shows walking distance to nearby transportation (great if you have no plans to get a car):

    Guide for different neighborhoods in Toronto:

    Reports for bugs, just enter the address you want to check:

    By the way, I have read that Mississauga is more economical and family-friendly than the city of Toronto, do you mind sharing the reason why you dismissed it as an option? I was also interested in Mississauga due to the availability of jobs in my field but from what I have read, the public transport isn't that great and having a car to get around is recommended.
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  3. Mississauga is definitely more economical when it comes to renting a place to live - but you'll likely spend quite a bit more on transportation. I don't think it's more family friendly - I think Toronto and Mississauga are the same in this regard. Yes - public transport is much better in Toronto. Yes - if you live in Mississauga, you'll most likely need a car. Make sure you consider what that will cost you in insurance - rates are expensive here.
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  4. FYI - the rental rates listed here are massively out-of-date (at least for some neighbourhoods). I wouldn't rely on the info posted on this website. I would do your own research on current rental rates.
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  5. You may need to work with a real estate agent. This is free for you as they are paid by the landlord. Legally I believe you only have to pay first and last month, but landlords are picky nowadays especially in summer as there is high demand and limited supply. One way to sweeten the deal is to offer to pay a few more months in advance and give post-dated cheques for the remaining months, if you do not have Canadian income, credit and/or references.
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  6. Whats the rental price on average for a nice one bedroom condo in missisuaga and toronto
  7. Take a look through this site https://condos.ca/
  8. Started with Mississauga at my friends condo, but then realized the condos/apt. Are way 2 small.
    Had to settle for a townhouse in Oakville which is few blocks away from my work place
  9. Average for a 1 bedroom in Toronto is over $2K now. I don't know about Mississauga.
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  10. My friend in Absolute Ave, Mississauga is paying around 2K for a 2 BR apt(~900 s ft) and a covered car park...
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I guess doing online research is worthwhile to get a general idea, but in the end it seems like there's no substitute for on-the-ground research.
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  12. I was in the same boat until very recently as a newcomer. The big consideration for me was a good high school. Decided to live in Toronto closer the school and for good transit options.

    Give us more details:
    How old are your kids?
    What's your budget for the apartment?
    How many rooms?

    Since we were looking for a high school, we looked at the High Park area and the Queensway (2 good schools there), Yonge Eglinton (North TOronto School) and Forest Hill.

    Though downtown Toronto has some very good areas like Queens Quay, Fort York, etc, there are no good high schools within the catchment.

    Out of the areas you mentioned, I'd go for High park, Yonge Eg, Davisville, Roehampton, as they are good with very good transit options.

    Hope this helps.

  13. i am looking for a one bedroom apartment and a good kindergarten school,any suggestions??
  14. What's your budget for the 1 bedroom?
  15. Many landlords will also be reluctant to rent a 1 bedroom to a family.

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