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Hours on employment letter

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by dilibaba, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. According to my company policy , they will only write full time. they will not put weekly hours. Is that fine because I am a full time branch manager and they said we cannot write hours for branch managers.

    Please share your experiences.
  2. It is never "fine" if you do not provide what IRCC asks for. Are there ways around it? Yes, but you have to understand you are starting with a deficient letter.

    IRCC asks for hours because every employer defines full-time and part-time differently, and IRCC has its own definition, based on the number of hours worked per week.

    Hours do not have to be exact, for example, it can say "As a full-time branch manager, Mr X works a minimum of 40 hours per week, often more". OR it can say Mr X usually works 8 hours a day, five days a week."

    If you cannot convince your employer to add some info about hours, write a brief letter of explanation about their refusal to do so. Add any supplementary documentation that describes the hours worked per week, or your work schedule, that can sometimes be used. And if all your other documentation (e.g. salary) supports the fact that you work full-time, then it will be OK.
  3. So the OP does not even have a contract of employment saying how many they are contracted for ?
  4. It is only saying full time
  5. I have the same problem with my previous employer. In my employment letter it says full time and does not even say till when did I work.

    I worked for almost 2 years there. It just mentions my start date.

    I am getting a Record of Employment from Service Canada. It will mention how many total hours you worked.

    Try getting a ROE (Record of employment) from Service Canada.
  6. Yes its fine, you don't have to worry
    In my case, my previous companies only mentioned me as a full time employee and my job descriptions.
    cic accepted the referral letters too
  7. Hello, my reference letter also only says "full time" and they refuse to write down the hours. Could you please let me know if your letter was accepted, or did you find any other solution? Please let me know. Thank you!
  8. That is completely fine as long as they write full time.
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  9. Same here, only full time is written ... Not the no. Of hours ... Still is there any rejection , for those , who did not apply with no. Of hours?
  10. I am in a similar situation. My letters say "full-time" but don't mention hours. Has anyone been rejected yet on this ground. Please help! My anxiety is through the roof.
  11. does anyone know about this ?
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    I agree with what Jess said above.. I had similar situation with a company I worked for in 2008.
    I asked them they provided a pretty generic letter.
    I went back to them and said guys look here isnthe requirement from the Immigration department and I need you support wrt to that. They did that according to the format what was required

    I provide my previous employer this link https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/operational-bulletins-manuals/permanent-residence/express-entry/applications-received-on-after-january-1-2016-completeness-check.html
  13. I am the primary applicant and have the reference letter as per standards, but for my dependent her employer has provided a very generic letter with start - end date of employment with annual salary. It doesnt mention full time or number of hours. Will that be a problem?
  14. Yes, it will be a problem. IRCC won't be able to give credit, since they won't be able to determine amount of experience. You also don't mention job duties/responsiblities - so IRCC won't be able to determine if the work was skilled or not. She should show her employer the letter requirements and try to get a more complete one. Otherwise, she will need alternative proof, which is difficult for job duties/responsibilities...
  15. Thanks for the reply. However I believe spouse points are only gained by the education and IELTS score. They only ask if your spouse has had any Canadian work experience. Nothing related to work exp outside Canada as compared to the primary applicant. In such case will the reference letter without hours and full time position matter?

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