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Hours of Work


Nov 26, 2019
Hello everyone,

I am planning to apply for the PR through CEC program. I graduated in Canada and currently been working to complete for the hours required. I have a few questions regarding how to calculate my working hours.

I have two jobs in the same NOC code:
1. Part-time around 5-10 hours a week, and I do not have hours for this job in May til August because the season is off and been working with them for 2 years (October 2018)
- I am on payroll for this job and receive T4 from my employer.
- I have a status as a Part-time worker at this company but would they think that this is a seasonal job since I do not have hours in a certain period of time?

2. Full-time around 23-30 hours a week, however really depends on the clients. If they cancel, then I will not get hours for that. So, hours fluctuate every month (started since October 2018)
- My employer considers me as a Full-time worker. I am on their payroll with a few benefits and receive T4 from them as well.
- As of October 2019, I have completed around 1100 hours.
- Would it be better for me to be classified as a part-time worker than full-time worker? Since My hours barely reach 30 hrs/week, most likely 26-28. Would that be easier to calculate hours if classified as a part-time worker so that I can combine hours with the first job?

(since my understanding is that full-time you have to have 30 hours in order to equal 1 week).

I am quite confused of how I should calculate these hours and if these two jobs could be combined together. If anyone could give me suggestions, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your time :)