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Home near lake

Discussion in 'Housing' started by ATNZ, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Hi all,

    What do you think, how much will it cost to rent a house like this one near a lake and with high speed internet?

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  3. If it's anywhere near Vancouver, an arm, a leg, and maybe a kidney or lung.
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  4. Any location not more than a hundred miles from a city. Only there should be a fast internet and a picturesque place.
  5. You are unlikely to find a nice house like this in many lakefront locations or find high speed internet in those locations. If you do they are unlikely to rent yearly they would be holiday rentals. Cheapest lakefront locations will be probably in the Maritimes. Canada is a huge country. Most of the lakefront locations won't be 2 hours from a decent sized city or if you find something it may be very expensive.
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    Naturally it depends on location (by the countryside it looks like the Maritimes) but in a low-medium demand area it looks like a 2.5 million dollar structure to my Canadian eyes. Six to 10 million in Muskoka. Check this site, check the one's for sale. Many of them are being used as short term summer weekly rentals. (you don't want them). Buy it or negotiate rent by the month.

    https://www.xplornet.com/ Internet Anywhere in Canada Max Speed 25Mps
  7. Very inexpensive if you are looking for something around Newfoundland or PEI. Very expensive if you are looking at BC or Ontario. Again, Canada is a big place and you have to be more specific if you actually want a real answer.
  8. That would be in the Millions even here in Newfoundland
  9. Hmm...I was out in St. Johns last summer looking at places like this, and they were for around $1 million. A similar place in Ontario would run you 3x that.
  10. They have a 1 million dollar house in st johns for the lottery which is smaller than the one in the picture. You would be talking about adding another 500k at least close to the picture size. I live here so its still not cheap. However it is cheaper than the mainland for houses. Gas on the other hand....

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