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Hi dear manager. I want you to help me get in canada. .


Jun 26, 2019
Dear manager.
My name is Abdullahi Mohamed Abdi from Somalia. I'm sick i have partially lost my hearing ability due to head trauma that also affected my vission ability. My parents are divorced. My father lives in the countryside. He can do nothing for as he himself has nothing to eat. My mother isn't able to pay my medical bills. I have already finished university i have a bachelor degree in Nursing but it's really hard to get a job in here ( Somalia). My conditiin is deteriorating gradually. So i want you help get medical assist and asylum in Canada. I really need your help.
In my country there are droughts that affected most of my family. Some of us are struggling to get something to eat let alone offording to pay our medical bills. No job no health no hope. Please help dear boss.


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Sep 14, 2017
Sorry to hear about your situation, but this forum has nothing to do with the government. Asylum claims are for people that their lives are in danger. You could apply to study, but this costs a lot. You could see if you can apply for the economic streams.

To claim asylum, you would have to obtain a TRV. Either that or be recognised by UNCR as a refugee, but you could be settled anywhere. Unfortunatey your situation probably doesn't apply for a refugee claim in my opinion.
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May 24, 2016
London Ontario Canada
Bitsey, I am really sad to hear about your condition. You need medical care etc. Russ6970 was completely accurate in his description. Just to elaborate, I would leave your country (you have to if you wish to get out of your situation, plus it is a rule.) and go to the nearest UNHCR site in the neighbouring country. They will help you out. GOOD LUCK!