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HGV Mechanic UK to CANADA

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Alpine160, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Hi Guys
    I've got my heart set on moving to Canada - at least for a couple of years to see the lifestyle and possibly stay permanently, its an itch I'll always have otherwise it'll be a life regret... anyway...

    I'm 22, currently a HGV mechanic / Diesel mechanic.
    Completed my apprenticeship through Mercedes-Benz and currently working at a Volvo trucks dealership, total career time is approx 3.5 years at the moment.

    I'd prefer to move more so to the western parts of Canada either BC or Alberta.
    Is there anyone here who can shed some light on options I have? I have completed a visa assessment through CanadaVisa and waiting on a reply. I'd be looking to move between 18-24 months time, as most of the job opportunities state they require 5+ Years experience and also I have some minor financial ties here which I'd be looking to clear over the next year.

    I'd also like to move into the heavy duty diesel side of things working on mining equipment etc. Im willing to work any shifts / location / weather as I currently work on a 24h call-out rota which I love and am willing to take on any challenge. With that said, what sort've qualification transfer is there between the Uk and Canada? do they accept UK qualifications such as level 3 NVQ's or would I have to sit a handful of exams when I arrive in Canada?

    Any replies and help are much appreciated and am eager to hear from anyone with any advice
  2. Would looked into IEC if you are a UK citizen. You'll have to look into whether there are job opportunities available and whether your licensing will be recognized. I'd contact the licensing body

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