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HELP! revoked GCkey

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by bentl, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. my condition:
    1, I applied TRV(temporal resisdent visa/ for trousim) in US online. I paied visa fee at 11 pm on Sep 19th.
    2,I mistakenly revoked my GCkey last week, and I called CIC twice in US (some department transfered line to CIC). Told them I revoked my GCkey, cannot link my application. They sent me email to fix it, but failed. one of them said I had removed my application.
    3, I applied visa again with a new GCkey and also paied fee. However, today I received e-mail which said my previous application has been finalized and they have withdrawed my new application.
    4, I tried 5 times to link my previous application again, still didn't work.

    what should I do? or could you tell me how to describe this issue exactly when I tell CIC help center
  2. [Hi
    I applied for open work permit for my husband and i am studying in Canada.
    He is currently in India. He had a GC key account which was revoked by him mistakenly. Now the decision has been made on his file but we don’t have the access. He received an email from CIC that the decision has been made on your file and your file is closed now. To know the result login in to your GC key account and I spoke with the costumer service representative and they said we don’t have any access on overseas files. Now I am confused how to tackle with the situation. If anyone knows please help me or email me at kanchanmery25@yahoo.com ASAP.
  3. How do you guys managed to overcome this situation?

    Any suggestions please.

  4. How do you do that? I'm in the US and for 3 months wanted to yell at someone...the call won't connect.

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