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Help Needed: NOC 0911 vs 2141


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Apr 9, 2016

I need some really urgent help on deciding my NOC.

So I worked with a state owned steel manufacturing company in India. One basically needs be to an engineer and has to take a national exam and qualify several rounds to get into this company with a selection rate of approximately 1%.

So I got recruited as a Management Trainee (Technical) - this is the entry level job title.
I then progressed to Junior Manager and then got promoted to Assistant Manager.
My job title read like "Junior Manager (Structural Mill) and currently reads like "Assistant Manager (Structural Mill)"
Structural Mill which is a plant/production facility.

My functional role - I am one of the Plant/Manufacturing managers out there and I look after after the maintenance division and am also inherently responsible for the manufacturing activities of the plant. So I chose my NOC as 0911 - Manufacturing Manager.
I have listed my duties and responsibilities (please see below) and you may notice that this aligns very well with NOC 0911 job list.

However I decided to double check with the NOC division of CIC and they told me that I should rather choose my NOC to be 2141 - Industrial and manufacturing engineers (http://www5.hrsdc.gc.ca/NOC/English/NOC/2011/ProfileQuickSearch.aspx?val=2&val1=2141&val65=Plant+engineer)

I don't believe my duties and responsibilities align with NOC 2141. More than anything - my job title itself states that I am a manager of a plant although at a junior level and my work function is techno-managerial.

Please help. I am utterly confused!!! :-\ :eek: ???

My current duties and responsibilities:

• Propose, plan, and execute maintenance programs and process improvement projects to ensure continued efficient operations of the manufacturing facility
• Drive operational efficiency and implement projects to maximize equipment’s uptime
• Develop a total productive maintenance strategy and maintain the critical spares inventory
• Plan optimal materials and labor utilization to meet departmental budget
• Supervise personnel and provide a leadership role to the production and maintenance staff
• Promote and ensure all site safety guidelines are followed by personnel across the facility
• Plan quality inspection schedules and institute standard operating procedures