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Has anyone tried arriving by Land / Sea in Vancouver to complete PR process?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by arubix, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. After receiving COPR, I’m thinking of heading to Vancouver from Seattle to establish my Permanent residency & complete the formalities that are needed.
    Taking a train or a ferry (to Victoria) would be a lot cheaper option than flights.

    Has anyone done that before ?
    If yes, can you share your experience and link to more information on this ?
    Most of the information that’s available online on landing procedure seems to be for airports/flights.
    So, any useful info is much appreciated.
  2. It's fine to land either way. The process is the same as at an airport.
  3. Yes, I did that, no reason not to. Sidney doesn't get many immigrants, the guy who processed me said I was the first he'd seen in a few months, but it's perfectly feasible.
  4. Will this be at the border crossing ?
    I'm more interested in public transit (Trains) as mentioned on my post
  5. I'm guessing you took a Washington state ferry to get to Sidney ?
    Btw, were you able to apply for SIN there ?
    I think that's an advantage of arriving at an airport coz they have the Service Canada counters ?

    Thanks for your response.
  6. You can get a SIN at any Services Canada office, not just at ports of entry.
  7. I don't know what you mean. You can land at any Port of Entry. If you are taking a train and your ticket continues on beyond the border, you need to be aware of processing times. The train won't wait for you.
  8. Not all airports have Service Canada counters
  9. Thanks everyone .
    Looks like my options are either to bite the bullet and buy flights , or to drive to Canada .
    I couldn't find out what the landing procedure would be for trains as immigration seems to happen as pre-clearance at the boarding city .

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