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Got refusal

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Dhadl, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Got refusal on the ground of travel history and purpose of visit
  2. so sad news
    whn did you applied ?
  3. On 22 june online refusal is on the ground of purpose of visit and travel history
  4. what was the purpose of visit and do you have a host in canada?
  5. Family visit(Invitation letter from my cousin) and tourism
  6. Dont be disheartened, you can apply again. But i would wait a few months before reapplying.
    This time attach as many documents for proof and also write a cover letter overcoming previous refusal.
  7. This time i apply with my two kids age 14 and 12 .Id this is the reason of rejection.I want to reapply now .Can i . And which types of document i have to provide as my profile is agricultural based
  8. @Bryanna plz help me i want ur suggestion this is my case details
    --I applied online for my family of 4
    --I applied on invitation by my wife's cousin
    --Got refusal on purpose of visit and travel history
    --Purpose of visit-- this my covering letter
    I am ××××× i along with my family would like to apply for visitors visa to visit my cousin ×××× in mnth of aug. My husband is relaxed from his agricultural business and my children can have holidays frm school. Hence this ia the best time for vacation for my family in canada will be great family re union specilly when clyton community farmer market is also schduled during that time which will be great reccretional and learning source for both my husband and kids we are travel lovers and travelling creats memories .i believe that travel to canada will be a memorable trip for the whole family as children will enchace their childhood memories
    During the visit we will staying with my cousin and his family .moreover my husband has suffi cient income and savings to incur our expenditure for trvel to canada
    ---as same things and some takl about to explore more nearby places in invitation letter
    -- As my travel we send all our travel history for dubai, russia,singapore,malaysia
    --all my j forms aprox 10 lacs
    -- Land on my name abt 2.50 crore inr
    ---- Ca report 3.40 cr inr
    --bank statement fr my wife and my 12 lc inr
    ---income tax return 2 year
    ----my dairy farm letter head and visiting card
    Plz help me .I want to reapply whats my chances . THIS TIME WITHOUT KIDS
  9. I had more property on my mothers name she is living with me.this time we bot attach her proprty papers with my file
  10. Plz help me friends i want to know my chances for approval if i reapply

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