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Going to BC on Work Permit - Can I take my wife and newborn?

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by AtifC, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Hi there

    I will be moving from the UK via Intra-Company Transfer, to Vancouver in July next year (2014). My wife and I are trying for a baby at the moment and theres a chance it would be born just before we are due to move. My question is this: Will I be able to take my wife and our new baby to Vancouver? I understand that my spouse can travel with me and even apply for an open work permit - but I have no idea what will happen once we have our first child and if this will affect our applications for work permit and Temporary Residency.

    Your help will be much much appreciated.

  2. If your ocupation is high-skilled of course you can take your wife and all your children along with you. If you´re occupation is semi-skilled or low-skilled than things are not so straightforward.

    Good luck.
  3. I am an IT Systems Administrator and this will also be my role at the company when I join them in Vancouver. What would that mean for us?
  4. To be precise you should see the NOC code against your job. It system administrator should be some what like 2173 or closer. NOC code precisely classifies one's job according to Canadian system, but most likely yours fall in highly skilled area.

    I assume you are a UK national and visa exempt so you can apply for open work permit for your spouse at the POE. Similarly, you can apply for temp resident visa for your child
  5. Thanks fkl.

    Yes my wife and I are UK nationals.

    Do you think our having a baby will affect or decrease our chances of getting our Work Permits and Temp Visa approved?
  6. No problem AtifC,

    No i don't think so, since this might happen on and off. Though i feel you should have all docs ready for the baby such as equivalent of birth certificate, passports etc.

    I also think that you should have some thing to prove that you applied and gotten approved before your child's birth. Nothing else. This is just my opinion.
  7. So do you mean I should apply for my work permit and then apply for my spouse and child after I get approved? As opposed to apply for all 3 of us at the same time?

  8. Oh - i thought you already have gotten work permit and were only asking about the rest of your family. My mistake, i simply skipped the thought that you would be applying for yours too. No that should be fine. It effectively means they won't even have track of any details of your family yet. You should just apply right away at the POE for all of you together.

    What i had in mind was for countries which require work permits and visas to enter canada and cannot apply at POE, some times their children are born between the time they received permits and actually travel.

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