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Global Transfer of Amex from U.S. to Canada for Credit Score

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Publius_Cornelius_Scipio, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. I am providing our experiences as reference for some future settlers, as I've discovered so many fellows have no ideas or do not know details of this convenient program, Global Transfer of Amex. By utilizing this program, one could have a fairly high credit score within one month of landing. For instance, we got 701 after taking advantage of the program. There is no reason for you to build the credit score from ground zero if you choose to use this program.

    Amex does global transfer for a lot of nations such as Italy and Canada. Please go check the complete list for yourself. My story is about transferring from the U.S. and Canada.

    I feel the word transfer is very misleading at the very least. In reality, Amex would issue a new Canadian credit card based on the history of your old U.S. credit card. The two cards of the two nations do not necessarily have to be related to the same product family. I.e., Your U.S. card could be Amex every day but your new Canadian one could be Amex blue cash. Your old card would not be closed; you are simply getting a new card.

    1. Go to the website of the Global transfer of Amex and start the process.
      • Go to the new nation's website. In my case, it is Canadian.
      • Remember, you are applying for a new card in the new nation. You are not indeed transferring a credit card to the new nation.
    2. Finish the application online.
    3. Amex would call you later, for Identity verification:
      • You have to bring two pieces of IDs to the headquarter of Amex Canada in the Greater Toronto Area in person
        • For the in-person option, tips:
          • there is no free parking for guests.
          • You will do the verification in a visiting room on the ground floor. Someone will come down for this. The waiting may be much longer than the promised. Don't trust too much about the 15 minutes promised by Amex.
      • or you can do the mail one.
    4. After the verification is done, your card would be approved very quickly within a couple of days.
    5. Amex would mail the card to your Canadian address and report accordingly to the Canadian credit agencies.
    6. I can only tell you the reporting is done within a month because Borrowell pulls the score every month. Maybe the reporting is done much faster, but I do not know how fast exactly.
    7. Once your reporting is done, your score would jump from 0 to a fairly high number. In our case, it is 701.
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  2. Additional information:
    • I cannot guarantee your score after the global transfer. The number seems to fluctuate greatly depending on factors obscure to me.
    • If you really want to save the parking fee, you could.
      • There is a big U loop near the entrance of the Amex building.
      • Bring another person with you and let him/her stay in the car, parked by the curbside of the U loop, in case someone enforces against your parked car.
      • You go ahead and finish the verification. Estimation would be around 40 minutes.

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