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George brown college application

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Tezbeer siingh, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. How long will it take to get offer letter from George brown college for january 2020 intake
  2. Maybe ask the college directly as not sure anyone here can answer and even if they did every application is different.
  3. Hi, have you already got a LOA from George Brown? I'm still waiting for it, actually I have got Humber but still want it. How's your situtation?
  4. anyone applied at gbc for jan 20 intake?
    has anyone got offer letter yet?
    from india.
  5. Hey, I applied for GBC as well for Jan 2020 in March but haven’t heard anything from them till now. The Application review process started last Monday according to their website so probably they’ll start sending offers soon i guess
  6. i too have applied in march for construction management.
    Btw which course have you applied for?
  7. i applied for BIM management, construction management is my second choice.
  8. I too wanted to apply for bim but it was closed by the the time i made my application.
  9. It closed really quickly for some reason! anyways all the applicants for construction management need to go through an interview so i guess they’ll contact you for it after they scan all the applications for that course (it closed about a month ago i think)
  10. Hey, I've received the offer letter for 2020 Intake on Jul 11.
  11. which course have you got into?
  12. Strategic Relationship Marketing
  13. when did u apply?
  14. Hello Everyone
    Any updates on GBC offer letter?
  15. Hey, I applied for the same course but did not yet get offer letter. I applied on 15th April, when did you apply?

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