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GCMS shows 'Security Screening' and waiting... - let's gather here!

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by RezJay, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. Yes ordered them last week... So have to wait for another 40 to 45 days
  2. Good luck! If your eligibility is passed, most likely you will get everything done sooner or later. It's just a matter of time.
  3. Yup
  4. Comprehensive SS started - Apr 8
    Finished - probably Sep 26 (ghost update and re-med request the next day)

    All the best to everyone who's waiting!
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  5. wow wow wow

    Great news! I even feel super excited for you. I think we talked on otherthreads before.
    Big congratulations and hooe mine comes soon.
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  6. Hi there I got the same email from Ottawa and my AOR is 16 March 2019. The only other bit of info I currently have is that my last due date was 22 July. I’m not sure if it means that’s when it started. I’m waiting for my GCMS notes now. I really hope we don’t all wait in the +10 month pile.
  7. Hello, did the background/security screening finally complete?
    My parents security screening has been going on since last year May (May 2018). Posisbly because my father did quite alot of international travels due to his work.
  8. Any idea about this ?? Even I have the same thing in my GCMs notes , near incoming section
  9. How long usually take time to receive CBSA note ?
  10. 30 - 45 days
  11. Hi Guys,

    Did anyone whose file is in London Visa Office received GCMS recently? How long did it take for you to get them? 55 days passed but we still did not get ours. We even got a priority ticket raised but still not update yet.
  12. Security screening start on 26 June 2019 and still in progress :(
    Anyone finalize it within 4 months ? just to give me hope
  13. It's more rational to hope it to be done around 6 months. Also, prepare for 10 months.

    You know what, the key thing is to try to put it aside, according to my personal experience. It really bothers you a lot if you keep hoping it will be done tomorrow. Mine started from the end of April and still no result yet.
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  14. For what reason are in SS?
  15. Hi, can anyone help me interpreting CBSA notes, I had ordered it on 21 Sep 19 and my friend who is in Toronto got it by post today.
    There are total of 3 pages, 1st page is general covering letter, 2 page- annexure- general information, 3rd page details given below:
    2 Columns in 3rd page:
    1 Column--> UCI #, Family Name, Given Name, Type- Security, Status- In progress, Validity date-(Blank), Status Updated- KL*****(some agent code), status updated date- 2019/03/15, Assigned to- RC-****(agent code), Assigned by-(agent code), due date- 2019/01/12, Acvivity # *********

    2 Column--> UCI #, Family Name, Given Name, Type- Security Screening, Status- Information Requested, SII indicator- (Blank), Validity Date- (Blank), status updated- (Some agent code), status updated date- 2019/06/07, Assigned to- RC****, Assigned by- KL****, Due date- 2019/04/(Blank)

    Can anyone help me to interpret this? Do CBSA notes look like this?

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