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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by BobbyB, Dec 27, 2009.


    • Proof of relationship to your close relative in Canada, such as birth, marriage or
    adoption certificates.

    If your close relative is a… Then submit a photocopy of his or her…

    permanent resident of Canada • Record of Landing (IMM 1000),
    • Confirmation of Permanent Residence
    (IMM 5292), or
    • Permanent Resident Card.

    Canadian citizen • Canadian passport, or
    • Canadian citizenship card.

    • Documents submitted as proof of residency in Canada must be less than six (6)
    months old. Example of documents:
    • income tax assessment (Canada Revenue Agency) for the relative,
    • telephone bills,
    • credit card invoices,
    • employment documents, and/or
    • bank statements.

    Hope this helps.

  2. If I am right, then Singapore office specified applicants need not to provide all of them . only these:
  3. Good work, Bobby !!!
    Great info there.
  4. jnathan, hope this post from BobbyB answers your PM that you sent to me. the rules of awarding the adaptability points are same for all immigrants, no matter which country he is from. if i were you, i wouldn't take a risk of not sending the proof of residency related documents and would start collecting these documents. wish you luck.
  5. Ja

    Please read this : http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/imm-1000-or-pr-confirmation-t31390.0.html

    and then this: http://i48.tinypic.com/k3vc7c.jpg
  6. Guy's,
    You should read the options carefully. It say's this or this or this.!! It does not say this and this and this (Permanent Residents).
    In effect, if your relative landed b4 they stopped IMM1000, then provide the photocopy of IM1000.
    If he/she landed after they stopped, then send in the photocopy of the confirmation of PR or Photocopy of the PR card, period.

    Hope this clarifies the matter.
  7. Furthermore to my previous post, you will need to prove 3 things WRT to your claim that you have a relative in Canada. (5 points)
    1)Your relationship to your relative.
    2)His/her immigration status in Canada.
    3)Proof that your relative is resident in Canada.

  8. Bobby B is right. The consulate in Detroit just requested me to submit proof of residency for my sister who is a Canadian citizen.

    I had not submitted them with my original application.
  9. dear all,

    please advise me, I have my sister who is a permanent resident in Canada I have just got a letter stating that I need to a proof of relationship living in Canada with her name and address, I only have the following documents will that be fine or ill get refused?
    PR card
    driving lisencerecent tax notice of assement
    copy of the credit card
    recent general pay slips

    * online bank statement does not show her name and her adress so shall I submit it no?

    please advise me.......
  10. hi,,,

    you just send the photocopy of relation ship doc.....

    best of luck
  11. Send a certified copy of her long form birth certificate which includes your parent's names. It should match with yours!
  12. i have already sent it when i sent my file update along with my IELTS exam ..but now they are asking for more proof that she is living in canada...i dont know
  13. hello im new here and I just want to as a question coz during my initial application i had mentioned having a relative here in canada but the relative in canada seems not cooperating well and we are having a hard time getting her birth certificate from her home country...With this do you know any alternative to birth certificates?My visa office is manila..Though I had decided not to include it in my application if there would be no other means for this..
  14. an alternate to birth certificate is marriage certificate which would have the names of your relative's parents to prove the relationship.
  15. thank you very much for that....i think that would be easier to get rather than her birth certificate...

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