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Fund accounting job

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by Rojanp, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Iam looking to migrate to canada.currenly IAM working as fund accountant in a US firm . Is there any scope for getting same profile. Which part of Canada is good for such profile? Please help me someone to clear above doubts.
  2. You can find a similar job in Canada but it depends on which pathway you are planning to come. I mean direct PR or study/work visa. I would need to know your background to suggest the best province to immigrate to.
  3. Most jobs are in Toronto. There is a lot of competition for finance jobs and there are people from HK, UK, returning Canadians, US H1B workers
    With little chance of getting a green card, etc. all competing for a limited amount of jobs. The jobs will pay less than in the US. Just remember that Canada is a relatively small market. If you have strong contacts in the industry in Canada your chances of securing a job are much better. Have you looked to see if you qualify for PR? What is your CRS?
  4. Hi,
    Thanks for your comments. Currently I am working in JP Morgan as fund accountant and having more than 6 years experience in similar field. I have done MA economics and MBA in Finance. Iam 39 years old . I hope this information will help you to assist me.i really appreciate your help.
  5. That's a nice profile. How are you planning to come? Express entry?
  6. At a senior level it’s much harder to get a job. You have great qualifications and are likely making very good money. The issue is that financial institutions are trying to become leaner and lots of finance people are trying to leave places like London, HK and other places in top of Canadians already here and Canadians returning after living in the financial centres. Often they return when they have kids or the kids are entering school and they are looking at the cost of living and education in places like NYC. Your best bet is getting tips about jobs from any contacts in Canada. Have you looked at the potential salary differences or explored other options in terms of locations? All depends on why you want to move to Canada I guess.
  7. Thanks for your comments. Yes, IAM looking for express entry and destination IAM preferring Toronto. Shall I take course to get finance market job.which is best short term course to study for finance.
  8. The only course that would help would be a CFA but no course guarantees a job. Do you have finance contacts in Canada who may be able to get you an interview or at least tell you if there is hiring going on so you could make a lateral move? As previously indicated it is not really about your qualifications it is about whether you’ll be able to get a good job based on how flooded the market is and the fact that you aren’t at the beginning of your career. Also banks are trying to get leaner not grow.

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