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FSW applicant in Accra Visa Office waiting for PPR

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by yettx02, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Hi guys, please is there any FSW applicant here in Accra Visa Office? Any idea what the average processing time is? It will be quite helpful to also hear from someone who has received PPR from Accra VO. Please share your experience. Thanks
  2. Nobody has I guess
  3. Any update so far?

    Did you get your PPR?

    My VO is Dakar Senegal. I has moved from SYDNEY to Dakar. I'm AOR JAN 28
  4. Any update so far?

    Hope you got your PPR. My case was transfered to Dakar-Senegal Local Visa Office.

    I'm applying from Cameroon.

    Aor 28 jan 2019.

    MEP and Biometrics done.
  5. did you finally gey your PPR?
    I am feb 10 Aor from cameroon as well. visa office was transfered to dakar on march 28th
  6. Not yet still waiting. What a bout you? We can connect Whatsapp. Simply drop tour whasapp number here.
  7. ok cool, am still waiting as well. 670468054 link me up on whatsapp

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