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FST advice - Refusal Letter


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Oct 7, 2019
Absolutely heartbroken, we’ve received a refusal letter this evening.

My husband attended a trades college for 4 years. We used the qualifications and had trades assessment and then took his Red Seal. From what I can make out in the rejection it’s because we didn’t have an ECA for the college course but without the college course he wouldn’t have had the trade in the first place!! Have any other FST applicants had similar issues?

During our wait for an ITA we contacted IRCC and asked whether we were doing the right thing and even they didn’t know. If they don’t know how am I expected to know.

Has anyone experienced anything similar. We’ve talked about getting a lawyer involved but I’m not sure I see the point.

Can we apply for an ECA and add it to our existing application or do we have to repeat the whole process again?! I’m not sure I have any fight left in me to do it all over again.