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forgot to upload travel insurance

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by simran0147, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. hello guys
    i have applied for TRV CANADA on 8 june 2018 but forgot to upload travel insuance in my file but i mentioned it in letter.Can i upload it now? is it affect my application?
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  2. Hi Simran,

    Upload it right away through "CASE SPECIFIC ENQUIRY" system

    Do mention the reason for the same.. as it was bymistake

    For more info...Tag "Bryanna" Senior & expert adviser
  3. Did you apply for a super visa?

    If you applied for a regular TRV/short-stay visitor visa then don't send a CSE for the insurance document
  4. so now i don’t need to do any thing??
  5. not for supervisa it just short term visitor visa
  6. Insurance is mandatory for supervisa ..so just relax u didnt miss any thing as you applied regular TRV
  7. t
    thanx sir

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