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For how long does canada immigration keep records

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Rajgur, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. I applied for a visitor visa in 2001or2002 accompanied by my mom and sister
    I was 6-7 years old then
    Now Iam applying for student visa this year
    So how long do they keep records
    Some say 2 years and some say bcz of computers it’s forever there
    My sister is in canada and I remember when her visa was applied
    The refusal wasn’t mentioned
    We kind of forgot that
    But as of now
    I remembered one day and now iam curious
  2. theres no reason for any country in this world to set a time limit for this kind of records. its not a lot of information to store in the first place especially when considering that technology has advanced drastically lol

    anyway just apply first
  3. If you know about any previous applications and the question is asked you should declare them and not second guess what the retention period might be although at 6-7 years old possibly some flexibility.
  4. Hi

    1. If you google Canada Immigration Records retention, you will get a PDF file which shows the retention period for various documents. For example Immigration applications are retained for 63 years after the last time they were active. Renunciation of PR status is 75 years.
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