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Filling PRTD


Apr 28, 2018
I was forced to leave Canada as I was a minor then ( 2009) by my parents after living 4 months in Canada as a PR immigrant.
I have just turned 18 and now look to apply for a PRTD on h&c reasons . So my questions are
1. How much time will it take for my PRTD to get Sanctioned (if sacntioned) in India?

2. For how long my PRTD will be valid ok h&c reasons ?

Scarborough guy

Full Member
Apr 23, 2018
PR until revoked is still valid. My Daughter in law when she was 8 yrs old landed here in Canada and thereafter she and her parents did not prefer to live here.

Recently when my son applied PR for her, CIC stated that her PR is still valid and asked her to apply fpr PRTD. She applied and got it. Presently she is in canada.

In a seperate application new PR application is in process. She got medical requests.


May 12, 2018
Hi All,
New member here.
Same question again.
Brief history - recieved COPR in January.
Travelled to Toronto in month of April and got the COPR stamped.
It was a soft landing ( 10 days) so returned back in April end. Immigration officer said it'll take 12-16 weeks for PR card to dispatch.
While in Canada, I got SIN card and opened bank account and gave / cleared G1 exam for driving.
I'll be moving to Canada in the month of July end or early August for good.
I was told I require PRTD to travel back to Canada.
Please advise how can I start the process and the documents required along with the processing time. I will be applying from India. Mumbai / Delhi / Bangalore - which one is better for applying?
The documents in my possession are -
1.Stamped COPR
2. Passport with the details of my entry
3. SIN card
4. Bank account
5. Drivers license (G1)
Will these be sufficient for applying PRTD.
Kindly help.


May 12, 2018