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File processing time into Nairobi Visa office

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by sm2133, May 18, 2017.

  1. Hello friends, need current information about nairobi, Kenya visa office... I am SINP-OID applicant. applied from Bangladesh.. Now i am working in South Sudan..have got 1st AOR on 27 march, 2017..today I have got email from Nairobi visa office that they have got my file and in queue for preliminary review...Can anyone one tell me how much time they take to give Medical Request on current scenario????

    Is there any what'sapp group for Nairobi VO??

    Thanks in advance
  2. it takes to respond within 14working days(2weeks)
  3. Hi Yunus,
    What is your present status now? Are you EE or SINP-OID applicant?
  4. Hey Nairobi'ans :)
    what new updates you got this days???
    it feels good and makes hopeful when we hear about someone's progress.

    Here is my timeline

    Application type: Family class sponsorship ( Spouse sponsorship to be exact )
    Country of application: Ethiopia
    Visa Office: Nairobi, Kenya

    Application sent: July 23,2017
    Received: July 25,2017
    AOR 1: Sep 06,2017 (UCI and file number)
    GCKEY Link : Sep 07,2017
    Sch A and PCC request: Sep 07,2017
    Sch A and PCC submitted: Sep 13,2017
    Sponsor approval: Sep 15,2017
    File transfer to VO : Sep 21,2017
    App Started processing: Sep 27,2017

    since Sep 27 i am sitting and wait for some progress.
    since it is monday i am hoping some good news
    Good luck for all of us.
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  5. Took my case around 7 months after transfer to Nairobi (Federal self sponsored stream). Others have had their cleared within 3 months (mostly Express Entry). So hope that you're one of the lucky ones since there's a huge variation on how fast they deal with different cases.
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  6. My wife got an invitation to pre arrival servics on Jan 29th 2018 been waiting for some sort of response ever since... Can anyone help maybe someone went through a similar situation
  7. Hello there,
    I don't know whether her visa office is Nairobi, Kenyan or not. If it is, then my per-arraival invitation letter comes with medical request. And it took almost a month to finalize my case after the medical.
    By the way, i encourage her to attend the per-arrival service.

    Good luck my friend.
  8. Yeah her visa office is in Nairobi, I think it's the Canadian consular's office and as for the pre arrival is attendance mandatory?
  9. where is she resides in currently? because in my case, i.e Ethiopia, they don't even have an in-person pre-arrival service. So, I attended some online services based on my choice. And as far as I know it is not mandatory but highly recommended.
    Let me know if you have any question.
  10. She currently resides in Nairobi, when she received the pre-arrival invitation it didn't have any medical requests attached so I thought maybe they didn't need it and when she checks the status it's says "In Process" and in the account it also says she doesn't need a medical exam it's been almost two months and a half... I'm a bit worried

  11. I know how it feels buddy and trust me it will be fine after all.
    There is one thing you should know. Everyone's case is different plus the way every officer handle cases is different so don't panic ok.
    Did you guys submit medical result upfront with your application? if you did, then it might be because of that or if you didn't submit with your application then they might want to do everything once. For instance, I haven't heard from them for almost 3 months once my file was transferred to Nairobi but once they start my file then everything was fast and everything was done and my file was completed in less 1 month.

    By the way, as per my knowledge getting a pre-arrival invitation is a good sign.
  12. We tried to obtain a medical exam before handing in the file (initially) but at the IMO Medical Centre they said that we would have to bring a medical request form from the Visa Office. Yeah it's kind of hard being apart and the fear of the unknown isn't really conforting...your right though getting a pre-arrival invitation is a good sign, I really appreciate your help your so kind to take the time to respond to me, thanks you!

  13. Anytime my friend, and there is no reasno to thank me because I got lots of support and advice from many great members of this forum. And it is my turn for others.
    Good luck and I am sure you will hear something good soon.
  14. Is there any Supervisa applicatns here? i am trying to get my mom and she lives in Kenya. Thanks for the help
  15. Any WhatsApp group? Anyone getting an update

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