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File at VO CIO Sydney assigned to CB01126, let’s connect here!

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Masterbigpang, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. Hey guys,

    Please discuss and connect here if your file is assigned this officer.

    Please post your AOR and current status!
  2. AOR May 25th, 2018
    Eligibility in review, medical expired. Security not started
  3. Do you have eligibility review required?
  4. yes eligibility in review
  5. Sept 4th, 2018, no RR, no SS
    file just sitting there

    info from webpage shows IP1 still
    bg & security not started
  6. thats strange that no RR and file still sitting.. well good luck
  7. March 26 2018 AOR,

    Eligibility in review required, Medical expired. Criminality passed, Security not started
  8. are you CEC or FSW?
  9. CEC
  10. welcome to the world of CEC candidates :)
    my profile is exactly the same like you, only difference is I am May AOR
  11. Hi,

    AOR 11 April 2018 (almost 13months :(:(:( ) - CEC
    Eligibility review required / Medical expired since March 10th / Criminality passed / Security not started

    Called CIC yesterday (doing it once a month), still in a queue for review by CB01126. No due date in my file. I asked if it was possible to reassign my file to another officer with less workload. It is impossible. The agent told me the only thing I can do is to be patient...........
  12. Exactly the same here. I asked the agent yesterday if my file is till with CB01126, he told me he is not allowed to talk about it...???
  13. The agent didn't say CB01126 (he just said in a queue for review by an officer), I know it is CB01126 because of my last GCMS note ^^ I received 2 days ago.
  14. I also call pretty much once a month and the agent from yesterday told me the agent from last month actually contacted the visa office on behalf of me to inquire the status on my file but nothing has been touched after that.. He told me he would escalate this matter again.
  15. IT is the same guys.. just wait time :(

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