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federal Timelines share for QSW sydney applicants - file CPP-Ottawa


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Mar 27, 2016
Seniors, pls advise me....
My Degree: Electrical & Eletronics Engineering and want to apply for Manitoba overseas skilled program,

I studied the duties of NOC 2133 as given on CIC weside.

1) My duties(3.0 years exp) of Electrical Equipment/System Installation are clearly falling under NOC 2133. I don't have any doubt. I know these falls under 2133.

2) My duties(Current 1.5 years exp) in telecommunication industry as RF or BSS(base Station sub-system) engineer(Duties: Operation & Maintenance of Wireless Radio Equipment/system like BTS, ENOD B, RRH ect), these equipment also known as telecom equipment, I don't know whether these will fall under NOC 2133 or 2147? ......

I want to get the points for 5 years of exp...mean for both exp.... but for Maniota MPNP EOI, the question is ''what is your current occupation''

pla advise.


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May 26, 2013
Montreal, QC, CANADA
Hi Guys,

I am pretty new here ... Just sharing my timeline( CSQ Mar 2016)
Aug 5 2016: Application Received
Nov 22: We started working on your Application
Dec 7: Med Request
Jan 25: Medical Results have been recieved.

After that nothing still waiting for RPRF.... Just a quick thing i had to do some additional tests for my ALT/ASC levels which came super ok as per the Panel physician and then the status was changed to medicals received.. Please advise