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Federal express-entry processing from Japan

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by Kemzola, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Has anyone processed PR Visa through Federal Express-entry in Japan. How long does it take after submitting the documents
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  2. Hey
    I am just getting started with the whole thing. How far have you reached in your application?
  3. I have written my IELTS with CLB 9,will have my ECA for masters done in March as i will graduate from my masters degree in March. However, i am in the pool already with my Bsc degree and plan to update with my masters.

    I just need to know the average processing time in Tokyo after AOR
  4. Hi...I am PhD student in Japan, I want to start processing my Express entry application to Canada. I just passed my IELTS and obtained my ECA. I am worried about how to get the necessary documents I will need when I get the ITA since my Japanese language skills is very poor. Any advice will be very well appreciated.

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