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February 2018 - Citizenship Applicant

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Hamid khan, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Hi all February- 2018 applicants please share your timeline here.

    I am creating this thread to gather all the members or anyone who wants to share his/her experience for citizenship or provide some guidance.

    Any feedback in this regard would be highly appreciated.
  2. Many thanks

    I will apply February May be middle

    I am just filling my form now
  3. Great I am also February applicant

    Not sure yet which date I will
    Send my application

    May be 21 February
  4. I will send my application on 11 February

    But 11 feb is Sunday so officially it will
    Be by Canada post 12 feb which Monday
  5. My application form is now complete
    Please if you are confused any questions

  6. Should we wait for 2017 year tax file to be ready and then apply ?

    I have been in Canada in Feb 2015 and have tax files for 2015 and 2016,but 3 years tax file is required .
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  7. No you should not see I did copy from CIC site :

    Step 1 – Make sure you are eligible
    To be eligible for a grant of Canadian citizenship, you must:
    • be a permanent resident (landed immigrant) of Canada
    • have been physically in Canada for at least 1095 days in the 5 years immediately before you apply
    • have filed personal income taxes for at least 3 years within the 5 year period, if required under the Income Tax Act
    • demonstrate you have knowledge of Canada (if you are between 18 and 54 years old when you apply)
    • demonstrate adequate knowledge of English or French (if you are between 18 and 54 years old when you apply)
    • not be under a removal order
    • not be inadmissible or prohibited on criminal or security grounds
    Check to make sure you’re eligible t
  8. thanks for the response

    it says
    • have filed personal income taxes for at least 3 years within the 5 year period, if required under the Income Tax Act

    so I can apply with 2 years file taxation because for 2017 file taxation will begin at the end of Feb 2018
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    I think it's better to wait till you file your taxes. It's a tricky case because if you don't file your taxes before applying for citizenship, you have to be honest and declare that in Question 12b by checking "Required to file" and "Taxes NOT Filed" for 2017 year. Given that, you would have filed taxes for only 2 years and the agent MIGHT deem the application ineligible right away.
  10. I will reapply on FEB 01.
    I did send mine on OCT 21
    was received on OCT 25
    No AOR.
    My deadline s FEB 01
    I have everything ready to go again.
  11. Att all February applicant please add your time line here

  12. Why u need to reaply?
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    I'm willing to apply for citizenship application, but having concern to fill it up because of whether I correctly completed or not. you folks having an assistance to filling the citizenship form or you fill it up by yourself?

    another question is about living before permanent residency, Cic website says those days before become permanent resident can be concider as a half days, but it hasn't explained when it actually can be consider to be an eligible "half-day" ? I landed july 1 2013, they issued my permanent resident card in November 2015, so now from july 2nd 2013 to November 2015 can be consider to be a "half-days" ? or it couldn't be eligible because I apply permanent residency application in 2014?

    Kindly regards,
  14. That's right. Please wait till the tax season starts (usually sometime in March), apply for your 2017 returns, after you receive your Notice of Assessment for 2017, then apply for your citizenship. Any three years is mandatory (in your case, it will be 2015, 2016 & 2017).

    Good luck :)


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