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Fanshawe College application fees/ No Application fees?

Discussion in 'Education' started by Chirayu189, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Hello there people, I have a doubt regarding fanshawe College application fees. Whether they charge $100 or is it free?. Specifically in these four programs:
    1) practical element of Mech Engg
    2) Aircraft Structural Repair Technician
    3) Applied Aerospace Manufacturing
    4) Operations Management
  2. So the college website or prospectus or even the college admission department does not have this information ?
  3. They have written that you may require to pay application fee of 100$. Now one of my frnd who got the LOA frm fanshawe clg last year said there wasn't any application fee in the program he applied for. Apparently he applied for practical element of mechanical engineering.

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