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Family/Parent Visitor Visa Advise!!

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Lucky_Rish, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Hi All,
    Hope you are doing well. I am a Canadian PR and will be applying for my mother's visitor visa in September. My mother lives in Bangladesh. She is retired, has properties, some fixed deposits and some savings in account. For family ties, one of my brother lives in another city whom she often visits. She has recent travel history in Russia and India. I could really use your expertise on the following questions:

    1. She was refused Canadian Visa in 2016 twice on grounds of travel history and purpose of visit. At that time I was not in Canada, she had no travel history and was invited by her nephew in Canada. Situation has changed as she has travel history now and I am as her son is inviting her now. But will her past refusals create any problem in the next visa decision?

    2. On top of the application form, theres a field UCI. Should I use the past UCI to fill it up?

    3. Our hope is to get a multiple visa so she can visit me every year for 2-3 months. We are thinking of applying for at least 2 months stay (4 to 5 months preferrable)? Is it more than normal or can it create any negative suspicion?

    4. She will be showing about 6500 Canadian dollars in her bank account and proof of fixed deposits (another 10000 canadian dollars). Will it be enough for 2 months stay?

    5. In the invitation letter, I will be declaring that all her expenses in Canada will be covered by me which is true. So, in the application form "Funds available for my stay" field...should I mention my available balance or hers? or both combined??

    Would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks in advance!
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    Unfortunately, he is not a family tie per se from a visa perspective because he lives in a different city + he is not dependent on your mom.

    Travel history means short travels to visa-required countries like the US, UK, EU, Australia, NZ, etc.

    One point at a time:
    1. She does not have travel history considering her current visa application profile.
    2. Based on your post, it seems her family ties are limited to you and your brother. This means whether Canada or Bangladesh (at your brother's place), your mom can overstay her visit = Not a short stay visitor.
    3. 'Travel History' and 'Purpose of Visit' are generic refusal reasons. You must consider the entire visa application instead of focusing on just these two refusal reasons.


    Any indications of long stays and/or wanting to visit multiple times in the future could result in another TRV refusal.

    Neither 2-3 months, nor 4-5 months' stay. Her stated visit must be for not more than one month.

    If granted a TRV, it would most probably be multiple entry and she can stay for longer than the stated one month stay.

    CAD 6500 is low. Has she earned this money? Or was it transferred from someone? Is she financially dependent on anyone?

    Are the fixed deposits locked-in? Or does it yield interest/interest is credited to her bank account at regular intervals?

    Your finances as the host are secondary. She must prove she has the financial resources to pay for the visit without depending on you. You can offer support by accommodation, or by taking her of her local travel.

    Funds available for my stay = Her liquid funds.

    1. Has she rented the properties? Does she have rent agreements? If yes, when are they due for renewal?
    2. Does she earn a pension?
    3. Can she prove a must-return-to-Bangladesh reason by a specific date with evidence?
  3. - She owns properties but not renting them. She has to return because of her properties and funds. Is there any other way to show a must-return-to-Bangladesh?

    Thank you for your sincere response. But after reading your comments I am bit concerned about the success of the visa decision. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

    Thanks again.
  4. In addition to the above, one more question - Statutory declaration of common law and Use of a representative forms, theres nothing required to be filled for these two forms. Do we submit these blank or fill up N/A in the fields?

  5. If rent agreement is renewal in next few minth does it show weak point ?
    If rent agreement is for 2 years and renewal date from now is 14 month does it reflect stronger home ties ?
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    Properties (those that are not rented out ones) + fixed deposits (these FDs would get automatically renewed when they mature) are viewed as passive ties that do not necessitate someone to return home by a specific date.

    What would be the reasons for your mom to return to Bangladesh for her properties + her fixed deposits?

    A wedding in the immediate family, scheduled surgery, government/legal reasons for some matter, etc
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