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Fake or real

Discussion in 'Resources for Finding a Canadian Job' started by Gaurang.v.sawant, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. I got a job offer from cannada is the fake or real i also got job aggremet in pdf file

    Good day to you and how are you?, with reference to your CV and copy of international passport received for the job application, kindly find the attached copy of the contract agreement document from my Attorney. I advise you to read the agreement document carefully and if you are satisfied with the terms and condition, do fill up the columns with your information and print & sign the copy of the agreement document.

    If you have the need to travel with your family member you can indicate through mail so that proper arrangement will be done to assist their file processing along with yours.

    Upon confirmation of the signed copy, I would be contacting the Canadian immigration center in your country to provide necessary document to secure your work permit and visa. I would urge you to hurry up the process, as I will need you to resume work on the stipulated date in the contract agreement because of my commitment and schedule. You will need to fill in your name and passport number before you sign

    The Job Offer letter shall be done immediately the contract letter is acceptable by you and duly signed.

    Do not hesitate to reach me on the (Whatsapp) number below in case you have any query with the contract agreement.

    Warm Regards
    Chip Wilson (Dr.)
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    More than likely a scam. What job is being offered ? Are they paying for flights, accommodation and so on ? What date are they saying should start ? Where in Canada is the job, address/ company? Did they even interview you before you sent your CV and passport copy ? Is there any fee mentioned ?

    Not many clues in the limited information have posted except maybe the greeting, saying you are resuming work as opposed to starting plus only immigration can ever determine a start date not any company, agent or attorney.
  3. No dont take my interview and yes they are paying for flight n accomadation
  4. I jst apply for job on a placmet site i snd them cv n passport data page n my certificate
  5. It’s a scam then as nobody pays for flights and accomodation. Would you if you were an employer take someone on without an interview from thousands of miles away just based on a resume/CV ?

    At some point they may ask for a payment but also they may use any personal information for some fraudulent activity, no way to tell.
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  6. The phone number format is wrong for Canada.

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