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expired temporary resident visa but i have a valid work permit to travel india

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by raghu561, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. hi every one

    i have a valid Canadian work permit but my temporary resident visa is expired i need to travel to India through Brussels,Belgium from Toronto, Canada my concern is can i travel to India with expire trv visa and Indian passport
    can anyone please help me

    thanks in advance
  2. Did you apply for a new TRV before it expired?

    You can transit through Brussels.... what matters is you have a valid Indian passport to enter India
  3. no i did't apply for trv, recently i receive post graduation work permit and my study visa and trv visa are expired at same day some other said i can apply for temporary visa in my home country is it true ???in emrgency i am leaving to india by end of week so i dont have enough time to apply for trv in canada.

    thanks for reply
  4. Hi Raghu,

    I am in the same situation. What did you do to get TRV?
  5. Hi Raul,

    Yes you can apply for TRV from your own country.
    I traveled back to India with my work permit after my studies.
    I applied for the multiple entry visa with my work permit doc given to me.
    Have to submit certain docs and stuff.

    Got the visa.
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  6. Thanks for your reply.
    Did you apply online or paper based with VFS?
    Also was there a question asking current country of residence and what did you put?
    Did you have the job offer letter?

  7. 1) I applied paper based.
    2) Current country of residence should be India i guess. My application is not opening or I would have confirmed that
    3) I did not have a job offer letter. This is an open work permit.
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  8. approximately how much time did it take to process your application?

  9. Hi
    I need your help.
    Im in the same situation like you
    My temp residence visa is expired.
    I travel to india with my open work permit as i dont know that i need to renew a temp residence visa too.
    Im in india now.
    Please tell me which documents i need to apply on paper
  10. Hi
    I am in the same situation like u as well..
    Did you apply from india to get trv?
    If yes then what did you do to get trv?

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