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Expired PR

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by mani59, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. IN 2002 we landed in canada and got PR..... but due to some family problems in india we had to go back to out home country..... and we never went back to canada... in year 2013 we applied for visa obligation and all and they refused...... i was only 9 year then and if u could have stayed in canada alone without my parents then i would have but i was completly dependent on them ... but now i want to go there..... can i get PR again ? if yes how ?......... and i have american tourist visa /......
  2. You surely can try to get PR again. Seems you have missed RO.
    You cannot have visas when you have PR.
    You have a high chance of having PR revoking process started when you try to come to Canada. Or you can voluntarily renounce PR. Then start PR process anew.
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  3. SIR, they denied RO... we tried that... m
  4. What do you mean denied RO? RO is Residency Obligation (2/5 years in Canada).

    if you lost PR, then surely you can start PR process anew. Or get a visa, which will be processed on its own merit, independently of the fact you lost PR previously.

    Or appeal the PR revoking decision if you're still in time.
  5. It sounds like you officially lost your PR status back in 2013.

    If you want to apply for PR, you will have to qualify and apply from scratch. Details of Canada's immigration programs are here:


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