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Expired PR Card - Impact on Employment

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by bealegend, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. Hi

    I have a situation where my PR Card is expiring in the month of April 2018. My employer routinely asks for the work authorization status/visa details as a part of their audit/compliance.

    I am very worried what might happen to me, as I will have to inform them that my PR Card is expiring soon. Although theoretically I know that the expiry of the PR Card and the Permanent Resident Status are two different things and that the expiry of my PR Card wouldn't have any impact of my PR Status but its hard to convince the employers(specially the HR) about the immigration and labor laws.

    I have applied for the renewal of my PR Card today i.e 24 March 2018 but I know it would take a couple of weeks for me get the acknowledgement from CIC regarding the receipt of the application.

    I have three questions:

    1) How I could track my application status and how soon does that get updated on the website? I already have an old account on the CIC Website(from the time I immigrated to Canada). Does the same account get updated automatically with the new application status as soon as CIC receives my application? OR I will have to create a new account OR will they provide me the new account details?

    2) If I had applied for the PR Card renewal earlier, I would have gotten the acknowledgement from CIC by now and I could have shown them the status of the PR Renewal Application online? But in my situation, how am I supposed to convince my employer about my Permanent Resident status until the time the application status gets updated on the CIC Website?

    3) If I am terminated on the assumption that I am no more a Permanent Resident, what could I do to defend my rights?

  2. All your employer needs to see is your SIN. The first digit is an indication that it's not a temporary SIN.

  3. Thanks Zardoz for your reply. I do understand from various references and posts that SIN is all that is required by the emlployer.However, my organization has been emphasizing a lot about the PR Card validity.

    Could I take any legel action against my employer should I be terminated/suspended on these grounds?

  4. Yes, most likely. A PR card is NOT a mandatory document and has no bearing on employment. See an employment lawyer.

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