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Expired pr card and no SIN card

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Lilian9327, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. I was landed Vancouver in 2011 and then back to my hometown without fulfilling RO and didn’t got the SIN card. My pr card expired on 7/2017. However, I am now want to back to Canada and fulfil the RO, I have the following questions want to clarify:
    1. Is it possible to got the sin card by having the landing paper but not the expired pr card?
    2. Is it true that all people travel or enter Canada required to give the biometric information starting from December 2019?

    Please ignore my grammatical errors, I am sorry.
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    Others can comment but
    1)Without a PR card not sure you can now apply for a SIN with a COPR which is more than one year old which is why everyone has applying for a SIN as a first priority even if returning home for a while. See requirements here.


    2) not as far as I aware true for PRs but you will need to apply for a PRTD if planning to fly back which given you have failed the RO may lead to your PR status being revoked. Your only alternative without a PRTD would be via the US/Canada land border where you still may be reported for failing the RO.

    Biometrics are of course required for a new PR application.

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  3. Even if you make it across the border without being reported, you will not be home free, you will still have to contact the IRCC regarding your expired PR card. Which more then likely have them take a look into why you did not meet your RO, and from there they can start the process of revocation
    SIN's are issued by ESDC, not the IRCC
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  4. Million thanks for all of yours replies. I had heard that even I apply for eTA successfully, the cic required to collect the biometrics information from the short term Asian travellers. And this policy will be launched in December 2019. So I want to clarify any hearsay related to the above issue.

    Thanks again!
  5. You are not eligible for a ETA if you hold PR status, expired or not. Your only option is to apply for a PRTD, or attempt to go thru the US/Canada Border
    Note; you are not a short term traveler
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  6. Thank you very much for your reminder. Much appreciated.

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