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Experience Letter for Driving from Kuwait

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by ajkidwai, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Dear friends,

    People from Kuwait who got the PR, how did you all arrange the Experience letter from Kuwait Muroor for G2 license in Canada?


  2. I was in Kuwait and the experience letter will let you go for a G test directly without waiting
  3. Where did u get the experience letter from? What is it called here in Kuwait?
  4. Hai,

    could someone explain about the experience letter from Kuwait Muroor for Licence, as I got PR and planning to move next month..
  5. Hi,

    I'm interested to know as well. How did you arrange that letter?

  6. Hi

    Did you figure out how this can be done.As I also need to get the driving experience certificate from kuwat
  7. Even I am from Kuwait and really wanna know how to get driving license letter from here. If anybody have any information pl share.
  8. I guess the easiest way would be to send your driving license to Kuwait Embassy in Ottowa by post. They will send it back with a letter certifying its authenticity and experience. I'm not sure about this, but I heard it from someone. I will call the embassy next month when I'm there and inquire. If anybody do try it in the meantime, please share your experience.
  9. Hi all,

    Hope this helps someone. I eventually made an experience letter from Kuwait.

    You need to go to the traffic department office corresponding to your home address in Kuwait. Once there go to the printers, where they print all sort of applications like renewing a driving license. Tell them you need a driving experience letter due to travel to Canada, they will know. You then take this letter to a couple of managers onsite for signature (the printers can guide you). Finally you will need to go with this letter to the main traffic department HQ in Assima to get 2 more final signature including the under secreatary singature. For the last signature it will take a few days as they need to send your paper to another location by internal mail for the under secretary. Once done I advise you to authenticate this letter from Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs, not sure if this is required, but I did it anyway. It's highly recommended to have this letter translated it in Canada, it will be more expensive for sure, but it will give a better feeling to the staff at DriveTest in Ontario (maybe its also a mandatory step, but I'm really not sure). You will also need to translate your Kuwait driving license, even if your name is already written in English, again its recommended.

    I went earlier to a DriveTest location, gave them my translated papers and originals, and things went very smoothly. They kept the original experience letter in Arabic, took a copy of the translation, and returned the original translation to me. Went for my written test, passed, schduled my G2 road test, and now waiting to hopefully pass to get my full G license :)

    Good luck,

  10. Dear gus99,

    thank you for your information about getting Driving License Experience letter from Kuwait.
    As you know it is a real pain to get any document from the GOV unless you get the right help.
    I went yesterday to the Kuwait traffic depart. and went to the " printers" they were having no clue of what I was talking about, then passed like the rest of the morning from desk to another from person to person. No one could help, then I left SAD
    I would like to ask you please if you have a copy of that document to so I can show it to them.
    also if you can tell me which traffic department you went while getting your Driving experience letter

    Thank you so much
  11. Hi,

    Not sure if you were able to get it or not, but I went to Jabriya traffic department and then you will need to sign the paper from a top manager who happens to be at Shuwaikh traffic department, usually it will stay there for a couple of days until he signs it. Unfortunately, I'm not sure where my letter is right now. But its called a letter of experience (shahadet khebra). Tell the printers that its for Canadian authorities to help you get a driving license. There was a guy by the name of "Mina" (in the printer's office) in the Jabriya traffic department, he knew what we were talking about. Check if he is still there.

    Good luck,
  12. Thank you so much dear gus99
    I still couldn't get it but I will try until getting it.
    I will share my experience definitely

  13. Hi mgazi:

    Please let me know if you succeed bro .. really frustrating that we have to run around for a simple document
  14. I am sorry but no way up to now
    Someone told me he can do it, if it is real I will let you know.
    I just took the international DL as an option.
    In Kuwait up to now we are three persons looking for the same document.
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  15. Please let me know too, if there is any eazy way to get that paper

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