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Enquiry about schooling visa

Discussion in 'Education' started by Pushppreet singh, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Dear members

    My daughter is of 5 years old n wanna continue schooling in Canada.

    We are from India n planning to move to Canada

    Please confirm me that if my daughter get her visa so do parents (both) will be allowed along with her n they will get work visa or just a visitor Visa..

    Because there are lots n lots of agents who confirmed me that we can go together n parents will get work visa

    Thanks n regards
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    Parents will not get any visa to accompany a child to study in Canada and for sure no work visa. Plus for a child to study in Canada there would likely be annual fees to pay to attend school as an intenational student.

    Parents would need to apply for and qualify for a work visa independantly.

    As has been said many times on this forum if were this easy hundreds of people would use their children as a way to get into Canada.
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  3. Dear member
    My son is 8yrs old .I would like to send him Canada for schooling.So please tell me the right way.How can I put my child to their in the school.
  4. Do you have anyone in Canada who can be identified as a guardian to take care of your child ? Why do you think sending your child on their own at 8 years old will benefit your child, why Canada ? Are you prepared to pay annual fees if applicable ?
  5. If the answer is YES, what are possibilities to get study permit for elementary school grade 3 or 4? and what are the steps for study permit. Parents do not have intend to go along with child. There are family members or custodian are willing to take care of child need financially as well. please guide. Thank you.
  6. You would have to apply for a study permit and show that you can afford the international tuition plus living expenses yearly. Probably 2O-25K in your savings plus proof based on income and savings that you will continue to be able to pay for your child’s schooling. Why wouldn’t you save your money to pay for your child’s secondary education? Doesn’t sound like you have the money to pay. Approving a study permit for a child in elementary school is unlikely. On top of that it is unnecessary and is probably psychologically damaging. There are also issues of healthcare. You’d have to pay for emergency medical insurance but any routine care or medication would have to be paid out of pocket.

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