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Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by rk_kalan, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Dear Sir,
    I have worked in Government of India for 24 years and 5 months and in Public Sector Undertaking of Government of India for 14 years 3 months. I have a total work experience of 38 years and 8 months. I retired in June 2008. I am hale and healthy. I have been visiting places in India and USA for 10 years as tourist. I developed a desire to work again. I want to know whether I can get a job in Canada. My field of experience is intelligence and investigation which includes Vigilance also. I am financially well and need a job for a change and new experience. Please advise.
  2. There are no jobs on this forum
  3. Given you are into you 50”s, it will be difficult for you to secure employment in Canada.

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