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Employment related questions

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by sayhitoarvind, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Hi,
    I just got my ITA through CEC(Canadian Experience Class). I work as a contractor for a IT staffing firm. My contract is for 1 year and renewable.
    I worked for a year in Quebec. Moved to Ontario few months ago and i'm working from there.
    I worked at the same company(where my staffing firm posted me) but different locations. so i added it as two different work experience.
    Is this correct?
    What am i supposed to submit for Employment records for both the places?
    also, the offer of Employment and Letter of Employment sounds the same?
    P.S: I have an updated offer letter stating my transfer to Ontario

    Need help. much appreciated
  2. It's more clear and hence better, in my opinion, to get two sets of employment records from two offices. if you can. Reference letters (MUST), ROE (if available), payslips, T4s, etc can be included as employment records.

    Offer of employment could be a simple offer letter and letter of employment is more like an employment contract detailing all the terms. but if you only have one detailed one, you can use it for both slots. It's usually not a problem for applicants who is currently working for the employer in Canada.

    I have a concern here though: Did your answer YES to the question "do you have a job offer in Canada"? I would think so cuz that's the only way for the "Letter/Offer of Employment" upload slot being generated. You should only answer YES to this question when you are sure that your job offer can be considered a valid job offer under Express Entry (i.e. supported by a LMIA, etc), so that you won't get the non-exist additional 50 points. If not, then those two slots won't even be generated and you don't need to worry about them anymore.
  3. I did answer YES to the question "do you have a job offer in Canada"?
    I didn't have to do LMIA since I have a open work permit (aka post graduate work permit) and I do have a job offer.
    Thanks for your reply, mikko008

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