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Employment/Job Letter

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Itsz_ace, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Hi, so I worked for a employer for 10 months as a supervisor NOC 6211, they wouldn’t provide me with a job letter confirming my duties etc. I’m now working for another employer for 6 months, same NOC code and same duties and they are willing to provide a letter. I spoke with Immigration this morning they said I could try a Express entry profile under CEC and write a letter of explanation as to why I’m not able to provide a letter of employment from my previous employer, it would be up to the visa officer at the end of the day. What’s my chances or is there anything else I could do,

    Also my current employer is willing to file a LMIA for me, what’s the chances of this getting approved.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. You can try to obtain a letter in plain paper from a supervisor/colleague and provide proof that they work for such company. You'd be expecting a miracle if you do not provide a reference letter.
  3. I have asked a few of my old employees to write a basic letter stating that I was their supervisor, and to sign and date it. But I don’t know if that would really help in any way.
  4. Up to you if you want to apply with that, I definitely wouldn't though.
  5. I Agree, This is one of the most essential document for CEC. So you should really wait for an year to complete.
  6. Is this in-Canada work experience?

    So you would need to provide a lot of alternative evidence to get this accepted.
    1) Letter of explanation about what you did to try to get this letter and your employer's refusal to write the letter, provide contact info and proof of the refusal if possible (e.g. get it in writing, in an email).
    2) Letter(s) from former colleagues
    3) If in Canada - T4, NOA, and ROE (record of employment from your employer and/or Service Canada).

    The worst part about not getting the letter is getting alternative proof of job duties and responsibilities. If you can provide a written job description, contract, job offer letter, letter frrom colleagues - anything that describes your job duties - you will have a better chance.
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    Honestly i did not reach that stage, hope i will
    But for now i have a few ideas for you, try to corroborate your employment records with pay slips, social security statement if applicable, salary deposit in your bank account, income tax statement, also if you used a system at work to control working hours such as time management system ( thats were you submit your leavs, view your on duty days ...etc) try to print out some documents, one more thing might be helpful a copy of your contract along with job discreption! Or your work badge, performance appraisal even business card might give sort of help if you had one, another way the letter of appointment when they notified you that you have been selected .... hope this could help
    The application for your job may have your duties ? How did you apply for those jobs anyway there should be duties mentioned

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