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Employer refusing to give job offer form

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by arahant7, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Hi. My employer is refusing to provide job offer form, because they think it is equivalent to them sponsoring my PR application. They have explicitly stated in my employment agreement that they do not sponsor PR applications.
    I have explained to them the differences between LMIA and PNP. LMIA seems to be more like a sponsorship because the employer applies on behalf of the employee. PNP just requires a verification that I have a valid job offer from a valid BC employer.
    But still they refuse.
    Is there anyway else I can try to convince them? Anyone has prior experience with such a situation?
    Any tips are appreciated.
  2. Well technically, if your employer signs the job offer form, they are signing for consent to release confidential documents to BC PNP such as financial statements, corporate tax returns and what not.

    You might need to find a different job if your current employer is still refusing too.
  3. Hmm. Thanks for the information. Damn :/
  4. Update:
    Looks like my employer has a problem with this question "Explain why the recruitment effort was unsuccessful in hiring a Canadian worker"
    Their take is: "We are an equal opportunity employer and are willing to hire anyone legally allowed to work in Canada. We have no preference for nationality"

    Will this answer be acceptable to BC PNP?
  5. Nope. That doesn't in any way address the question that's been asked.
  6. He should simply answer " Because we didn't come across any qualified job applicants who are Canadian PR or citizens."
  7. Or "there wasn't any Canadian PR or citizens applied for the job". It's not their fault...
  8. They will have to prove that they tried and didn't get a citizen to fill the job.

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