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Effect of usa student visa refusal on canada study visa

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Rajgur, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. I applied for USA student visa in December 2016 and got refused
    The official said
    Cannot remember exactly but something similar to this
    “Sorry I can’t give you visa at this time
    Good luck.”
    And again with in a month I applied for another visa interview for the same college and program as the classes were supposed to start in February.
    But again refused.
    Now iam applying for 2019 September intake canada visa
    This time after completing my graduation
    USA-12th grade

    Now iam scared that those refusals would have an impact on my canadian visa and it will get refused.
    So how should I justify it in my sop so that it won’t have an negative impact on my visa profile?
  2. You don't need to explain it in SOP, mention BOTH refusals where required in the forms with a short facts only explanation.
    The rest you cant really control plus a simple visa refusal should not be a big issue.
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    Hey thank you for the response
    I want to ask is
    I don’t remember the exact dates when i applied
    So would it be a problem
    Can’t i state the years when I applied?

    Around 2001-2002
    Me my mom and my sister applied for canada visa for a family function but it didn’t got approved that time
    It’s been a long time, 17-18 years
    So should I mention this in my application apart from the refusal from USA?
  4. You need to mention all refusals for any visa/permit in any country, including Canada. Try to find the date but if you cant I think year will be ok, they cant really accuse you of lying once you mention it.
  5. For how long do they keep records?
    And I remember we didn’t mentioned it at the time of my sister’s visa application.
  6. Forever. If you applied for anything just mention it its not a huge deal.

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