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ECA - Transcript - URGENT

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by oasis.gc1, May 10, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    I am confused if we really need TRANSCRIPTS to apply for ECA or not. The website says that:

    All individual mark sheets indicating all subjects taken and marks obtained for all years of post-secondary study – issued by the institution responsible for conducting the examinations.


    There is NO mention of word TRANSCRIPT in these requirments. I have already got all my individual marksheets attested by the university.

    I did my masters of education in India.

    Please help, thanks in advance
  2. I did not send any transcripts to wes canada. I sent only arrested copies of all Mark sheets in university sealed envelope. Degree and provisional certificates not arrested and sent in the same envelope, who h my university allowed.

    Wes accepted my docs and the status said "documents received" now it changed to "Evaluation in progress"
  3. Thanks... anyone else with the same experience or have inputs to add?
  4. Hello friends,

    I did my Bachelors from my country and masters(jointly from Germany and UK). I want to do a ECA through WES. However, I am not sure if I need my certificate for Bachelors attested as well. Can I only send my masters certificate to WES or do I need both(bachelors and masters)?

    My second question is, if the university is going to send those documents directly to WES, how are we supposed to send other documents(for example certificate of my bachelors degree) at the same time?

    If someone here knows about this, please let me know.
  5. Hey friends,
    For bachelor’s degree,
    Envelop 1 : Get First and last year mark sheets along with degree certificate to be attested by University. These will be placed and sealed in an envelope by the university.
    Envelop 2: Second and third year mark sheets need to attest by college, place them in envelop 2. College don’t seal the mark sheets.

    Now place both the envelops in a big 3rd envelop and send it to WES.

    Let me know, in case you have any other question regarding the transcripts. You can also check the FAQ questions of mailtranscripts.com to confirm this.
  6. I have done correspondence study from the University for my graduation.

    So should I take the attestation for the last year or all three years?

    Please suggest
  7. In North America - we use the term TRANSCRIPT (for educational transcripts, that is). We don't have "mark sheets."

    Essentially the same thing, different terminology.

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